Wedding Services

Wedding Services

Wedding Services

An experienced Team

Along with your villa rental, you get support from three experienced local teams:

• Our Main Concierge Desk (free with rental)
• Our local Concierge in the villa location (free with rental)
• An experienced Event Planner and her team (extra charge applies)


We have selected a few packages you will find on our site, please make sure you READ MORE for the exact details. Our packages can be of course customized to your own needs, they are a starting point

The most Basic Package will include:

    •    villa rental (min days, for X persons depending on season)
    •    event venue fee for Y number of guests (is indicated on Package)
    •    catering (usually includes beer & wine, price heavily depends on menu)
    •    event music entertainment (DJ/sound equipment rental)
    •    venue decoration (flowers, candles, balloons, etc)
    •    wedding administration fees (license)
One step up, extras:
    •    a wedding planner (yours or ours)
    •    vow exchange setup (chapel or venue setting)
    •    open bar (hard liquor, depends on guest and hours open)
    •    wedding cake 
    •    champagne or sparkling wine for cake   
   •     deluxe flowers/decoration
    •    fireworks by pro company
    •    bride preparation
    •    live orchestra (Classic, Jazz, Greek, other)
    •    traditional Greek bride arrival by donkey, boat or classic car (where available)
    •    wedding photographer (photos, video, drone)
    •    car/bus rentals
    •    transfers
    •    local experience tours
    •    local cruises
    •    guest accommodation in nearby hotel or villas

Two steps up, extras:

    •    private luxury transfers
    •    deluxe catering
    •    private cruise night before
    •    local activities
    •    anything else you may need orimagine!


Plan your Event

Plan your Event

Choose GREECE as your destination and enjoy
the privacy of a luxury villa.

Is it a wedding, a heritage family meeting, a renewal of vows, a buddymoon, an intimate business meeting or simply gathering the "good old family", all generations together to enjoy a moment with them?

At Greek Villas 4 Rent .com we have one of the largest selection of serviced private villas that will accept events and weddings.

Get in touch with our event team to plan your perfect day!

Get in touch with our event team to plan your perfect day!

The BIG day has now a date! Thoughts rush in your mind like a tornado:
the venue, the catering, the flowers, the dress, the pictures, the papers, the flight, the guest, the transfer, the in-laws, the seating and sooo many choices! And the first big anxiety red zit breaks on your face! Time to contact our Event & Wedding team, sit back and enjoy YOUR BIG DAY!

Common Q&A for the wedding of your dreams!

Common Q&A for the wedding of your dreams!

Such a big event, a foreign country, so many questions! We have been there (dozens of times actually), done that! Read on! 

Event & Wedding Professionals Welcome!
We have your guests’ dream:
Unique Honeymoon Villas in Greece!

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Why recommend our honeymoon villas to your guests?
We feature several villas in many Greek destinations, more or less-travelled. From the bespoke Mykonos & Santorini to the vibrant Athenian Riviera or to the romantic, less-travelled Samos & Kastellorizo.

Romantic Settings
Nestled in some of Greece’s most idyllic locations, our villas offer serene surroundings and stunning vistas, creating the perfect backdrop for romance.

Luxury Amenities
From private infinity pools and spas, to personalized chef services or on-site massage, our villas are offer all the amenities and services couples need to indulge in a pampering retreat.

Seclusion & Privacy
We understand that honeymooners value privacy. Our villas are strategically located to offer seclusion, allowing couples to enjoy each other's company without distractions.

Tailored Experiences
Our dedicated concierge team goes above and beyond to curate personalized experiences, from candlelit dinners under the stars to couples' spa treatments, ensuring that every moment is filled with romance.

Don't let your clients settle for an ordinary honeymoon and event when they can have the extraordinary our exclusive collection of honeymoon villas. Elevate their experience and exceed their expectations with Greek Villas 4 Rent. Get in touch with our team today to start planning the ultimate event experience for your clients.

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Unique Experiences
Unique Experiences

Unique Experiences

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Concierge Services

Concierge Services

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