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Our Agency

We are a family-run, physical agency, offering private villa vacation rentals in Greece, actually the first one of its kind locally since 1999 and one of the first internationally, much before the advent of most major short-term rental popular platforms!

The founder’s vision was to offer houses & villas at less-traveled places at our much visited Mediterranean country, at other than the « top Greek destinations » , other than well know lime-light islands, teaming with tourists. A new proposal for those who still wanted to see the unadulterated face of the country, experience the genuine filoxenia of its people, beyond Mykonos, Santorini & Crete’s crowded beach-bars. This remains to-date a stronghold of Greek Villas 4 Rent portfolio: remote, less traveled destinations with wonderfully authentic homes. Today, both in popular vacation spots, as in more recluse, less-traveled areas of Greece, for those seeking more tranquil, serene places to satisfy the “Ulysses" in them.

We have grown in 20+ years of rentals to feature an extensive dynamically changing portfolio of 900+ villas & houses, from the simple to the luxurious -our Elite Collection- or the one-of-a kind Hidden Beauties Collection, we offer a collection that will satisfy every budget and traveler. Simultaneously we became one of the biggest Greek villa wholesalers, distributing villas to over 240 collaborating agencies worldwide in 21 countries.

Fabulous Greek homes, made with love and affection, a truly authentic experience, only supported by stellar service and re-enforced by the genuine insider information you receive from our on-site Concierge teams, by people who are actual locals! Thus, our guests gain access to unique locations, enjoy the advantage of having a quality vacation house of your own, plus enjoy a unique custom vacation experience cut to their needs and budget, all in one stop!

From the first moment, our friendly, knowledgeable, multilingual professional staff will give you personal attention and seek to find the optimal solution that fits you as a guest or partner, according to needs and budget. Unlike other on-line, European capital-based agencies that claim « Greek expertise » , the Greek GV4R.com operations team, lives in Greece year-round, is native to the country, travels and visits villas and destinations. Been there, done the activity before you do. Our destination representatives are locals living in place year round!

Hence you not only gain access to unique locations, enjoy the advantage of having a quality vacation house of your own with top service, but also maybe take advantage of our local support and knowledge that leads to an un-duplicable custom vacation experience

Our Philosophy

Our motto Accommodation with a soul very much reflects our dedication to quality and service.

Note though that there are two souls to be accounted for:

- our Owner's he has put into his property to painstakingly make it beautiful to open the doors for you
- our Own, to find the property, train the owner, prepare it and have our Team compile for you an honest proposal

We believe that there is a property for every realistic budget in our portfolio, from budget travellers whose business we respect and appreciate, to experienced world vip guests, whose demands we strive to meet.
In a friendly, personable but yet professional approach, we aspire to offer the real Greek filoxenia, famous since ancient times Greek hospitality, honouring our guest

Our Commitments

To ourselves

▪ Do what we do daily with kéfi (= brio, gusto, enjoyment)
▪ Be honest and frank to ourselves and to our clients
▪ Be always explorers and always find new places and things to suggest
▪ Honor our country in a pragmatic way, outline its beauties but also not hide its drawbacks
▪ Promote responsible, eco-friendly tourism
▪ Work without hype, silently but efficiently

To our Guests

▪ Offer a variety of choices for your destination
▪ Offer known and unknown Greek destinations
▪ Give you good, substantiated, sane advice
▪ Offer tailored service to your interests, needs and budget
▪ Offer top service and support you from choosing a villa to not leaving your bathing-suit behind
▪ Offer personable service like you would expect from a high quality travel agent, old-school
▪ Support you throughout your whole trip for all parts we have organized
▪ Make you come back again and again and again exploring new areas!

To our global Partner Agents

▪ Offer a reliable one-stop, villa managing local partner
▪ Offer a wide choice of quality villas
▪ Answer inquiries within a few hours
▪ Use our best resources to find the best solution for your guests
▪ Provide you with marketing tools to make your job easier, faster
▪ Not undersell you in price (our own retail price)
▪ Work with top professionals in Greece for ancillary services
▪ Work hand-in-hand long-term for a mutual good result

To our Owners / Villa Managers

▪ Work with transparency
▪ Be punctual to our agreements and commitments
▪ Support them in every aspect of the operation
▪ Update them on world and local developments of the industry
▪ Work together as a a Team in a win-win framework
▪ Help you grow your business

Unique Experiences
Unique Experiences

Unique Experiences

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Concierge Services

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